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Participants coming from abroad can come to Mérida via either the Madrid or the Sevilla airport.  From Madrid it is possible to take a connecting flight to the Talavera la Real airport located 20 km away from Mérida. From Madrid there is also a possibility to travel by bus or train whereas from Sevilla one can reach Mérida only by bus. In the III Circular the organizing committee will send a timetable of the various public transportations.

Regarding accommodation, one has to take into consideration the fact that the archaeological remains of Mérida were classified as Humanity World Heritage and that there is always large numbers of tourists in the city all year long. It is therefore recommended to reserve an accommodation as soon as possible. In the III Circular we will also send a list of hotels found in the city.

Trips will take place in buses rented for the event.

Every day during the congress there will be a lunch buffet provided by the organization for all those registered.